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Amy Mantis & the Space Between is singer-songwriter and guitarist Amy Mantis and drummer and lyricist Eric Marshall. After meeting via Craigslist in the Spring of 2016 and working with singer-songwriter Wells Albritton and bassist Jeff Fogleman to form Space Between, the band took off to LA to record their debut EP A Good Hurt with producer Brian Packer at King Size Sound Labs.


Upon returning to Boston, Albritton left the band to pursue a solo career, and Mantis, Marshall, and Fogleman cut their teeth on the Boston club circuit playing as a power trio with Mantis as the primary songwriter. In the Fall of 2020, shortly after Fogleman announced his departure from the band, they released their debut full-length A Place to Land, which was recorded at 37' Productions in Rockland, MA and produced by Sean McLaughlin.

After Fogleman's departure, and with the COVID-19 pandemic well underway, Mantis and Marshall teamed up to write and record 11, once again enlisting McLaughlin to produce. The new material is slated for release in 2021 as two EPs, titled Existential Cinema and Headspace Cinema, and one stand-alone single called "Black Swan." On these new releases, the duo challenged themselves to push the band's sound into more experimental and expressive territory, while also working with a slew of talented collaborators.

The lead single from Existential Cinema is now available for pre-save on Spotify & iTunes. It's called "If I Don't Change It" and explores what it takes to overcome the sense of helplessness that often comes from living in a complex world filled with complex problems.

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