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Combo Post: Unnamed Weekly AMSB Info Drop #4 and other things

Last Friday saw me in a rough state that I'm still recovering from. My left trap (that muscle near your neck) had a meltdown due to a rib that had popped out of place. This has happened before, and I'm working on it not happening again. But I was in a ton of pain until I could go see my guy (massage therapist) Friday evening, and even then I was still in a fair amount of pain until I was able to see my other guy (chiropractor) yesterday who popped the rib back into place. Shouts to Ian at Wellness In Motion. He's the man. I should be good as new tomorrow.

I resent that I have such a tweaky body at times. Even as a kid I had what I called pinchy ankles that stopped me from playing soccer because they hurt too much. I had a bunion that I had surgically repaired at 19. I remember having incredibly bruised forearms from playing volleyball while my teammates did not - and they played as hard or harder than I did. Even now, for reasons unknown, watches hurt my left wrist. My right shoulder is forever needing work. And now if I sleep the wrong way one night it takes a week to recover. If I could have one superpower it would be super-healing. Get an injury? I'm fine immediately. As cool as flying or shooting webs or super strength would be, I'd take that fast recovery above all else.

I'm working on my fitness (he's my witness) and that does help, but even in that process, I get tweaked up. I had a spell of bursitis last year at the age of 29. I'm young at heart with the body of an octogenarian. And even then I know people in their 80s who are less likely to be achy than I am.

Anyway. I'll keep working on it and get less achy over time. It does spur me to take better care of myself, but sometimes I don't want to do that work. And it's not like I'm doing anything more important - I just don't want to do it. I, like you, am a highly irrational human.

But the ball is rolling for AMSB over here! We had another rehearsal last night. Each one sounds better than the last. Our record is 100% mixed with a mastering date scheduled for next week (!!!), and we're gonna be hitting the stage again in November. Fingers crossed society is still functioning at least at the rate it is now because another lockdown would be devastating on so many levels.

Eric and I are working on a plan for releasing our beloved songs and I'll have more info about that in two weeks' time. If there's one thing I've learned is that the on-ramp for a release is much longer than I want it to be. But you will hear these songs, and I bet you'll like them.

Until next time.

Yours in music, Amy

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