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Oops I Did It Again

I need to either come up with a new plan or stick to the plan I came up with over the summer. My Tuesdays are now non-stop from 11am to 10pm so I lean towards "come up with a new plan." Nevertheless, she persisted and here we are.

We have the masters, and we have a sneak peek of our first single! Peep it:

The song drops in full on October 1, and you can pre-save it on Spotify and Apple Music now.

That's really all we got right now. Eric and I are hard at work prepping things for you to hear. There's a lot of backend stuff that we have to do and it's exciting but also tedious and time-consuming. Fiona's now working on the EP covers and I am about to go transcribe Sean's bass parts to help out our new bassist.

Thanks for reading!

As always,


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