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Remember that time I said I would blog regularly?

Whoops. I'm sorry about that. Where were we?

Right. Tuesdays are band update days. And a lot has happened in the past month for us:

- We've had several rehearsals with our second guitarist and bassist, and they keep sounding better and better. I'm getting together with our guitarist tonight to go over some guitar parts in detail, something I've never had to do and I am wicked excited about it.

- We spoke with our mastering engineer last night which means we're ever closer to bringing these songs to your ears! Sean has a few tweaks left to make at my request, but we're 99.99% of the way there with his wizardry. Then Jeff and Maria, our mastering engineers, will take over from there.

- We have about 85% of the footage we need for our music video and after tomorrow, we'll likely have 90% of the footage we need for our music video. The final frontier is high-speed (highway) motorcycle riding, which I am very much looking forward to.

- We met with Fiona to discuss what she has for artwork so far, and I gotta say, it's lookin' real good.

It's wicked exciting to see our ideas be brought to life by the incredible people we have around us. And from our own endeavors. Eric and I are beyond excited about what we have to share with you and are so looking forward to doing so soon.

Until then, I will keep you updated here. For real this time.

Yours in music,


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