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Unnamed Weekly AMSB Info Drop

Consistency has taken me many places in life, and with that said, I'm going to be consistent in updating this blog with two posts a week.

One post (such as last Friday's post) is more personal, and the other post (this kind of post) is more professional. Professional in the sense that it's an update on what we're up to as a band. Eric will also be dropping in on the blog here and there to update you with whatever he wants to share - including but not limited to dope playlists.

So what's happening for Amy Mantis & the Space Between this week?

- We're sorting out our next filming date for our first ever music video.

Our last filming date was the hottest day of the year and I spent it in full kit riding my beloved motorcycle around town. It was hot. So very hot. But so very worth it.

- We have a second rehearsal with some promising musicians to round out the band.

It was awesome to play our new songs for the first time in six months, and these guys are picking up what we're putting down.

I got home that first night and was elated. And also quite tired as I hadn't used those muscles in quite some time. The singing-while-playing-guitar-with-a-band muscles had been resting for too long.

- And we're feverishly working on some merch. That's right. We're (finally) going to have wearable wares for all of you!

We're also expecting our first mix back from Sean tomorrow - that's right tomorrow! And while we won't be sharing that, it does mean that we're one step closer to sharing the final version of these songs. And we couldn't be more excited about that.

That does it for this week's soon-to-be-named info drop! We hope you enjoy getting a peek behind the curtain so to speak. We appreciate having you here.

Yours in music,


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