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We have the masters!

One day I will get the hang of this regular posting. I was in Austin for a wedding and totally lost track of the days and time while I was MELTING AWAY DOWN THERE. My god was it hot. I thought I was hot in St. Louis in August. NOPE.

But anyway. I'm back east and no longer melting.

Eric and I had the pleasure of listening to our record all done and dusted (re: mastered) over at Peerless Mastering Wednesday night. It was an incredibly gratifying experience and we are even more stoked for you to hear these songs in their final form. Shouts to Jeff and Maria for crushing it yet again.

Here's a sweet photo that Eric took from our listening session on Wednesday:

We also have a show coming up in November!! It'll be our first show since March 1, 2020. Unreal. This assumes we'll be able to play shows in 10 weeks, but as of now, it's happening. Where is it happening? The Middle East in Cambridge on Sunday, November 28. It's gonna be a good time. We're itching to get back to it so fingers crossed that we actually do get back to it.

That's all the band news that's fit to print.

Oh! One more thing - Fiona sent over some of the artwork to us and she nailed it. There will be stickers and pins and shirts in the coming months, friends. We'll get you all decked out in our merch sometime in early 2022.

On a personal note, I'm getting back into my practice and it is so good. I need it. Sometimes I don't want to need it but at this point in my life, regular time with my guitar and with singing is needed. It keeps me grounded, and it's important to be grounded in a time where things can be incredibly unmooring.

I've said that before and I'm sure I'll say it again. It's as much a reminder for me as anything.

I'm thinking about going to see my favorite guitarist in town, Lyle Brewer, for some lessons again. It's been FAR too long since I had some one-on-one time with Lyle. He's an incredible musician and teacher and while I don't need the outside motivation, I like to have it. My guitar teachers have always been a positive force for me, and I hope I'm the same for my own students.

And on that note, my PRS needs some love from me. It's been a minute.

I'll be back on Tuesday for real this time. Until then, keep fighting the good fight.

Yours in music,


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