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Welcome! Here's what to expect from and what's to come in this space

Hello! And welcome to the inaugural post of our blog here at AMSB Headquarters. My name's Amy, and I've had the itch for a while to get a blog going over here. Blogging has been an intermittent pastime of mine for about as long as I've been a musician. Maybe even a touch longer. Anyway. That's not that important.

What IS important is that Eric and I are hard at work on a new record with our dear friend Sean McLaughlin at the helm once more. All that remains are a few lead vocals, percussion, and backing vocals, and then it's mixing time which is where Sean works his magic that y'all will eventually hear. We're wicked excited.

It's been over a year since we played our last show, and we're as eager as ever to get back to our natural habitat. But until then, we'll keep you posted here on this blog*, on our YouTube, and on our email list about what we're up to. You'll be seeing/hearing/reading from me on a consistent basis. There. I'm putting it out there so now I have to do it. And I can promise you this: whatever I post next will be better than this. And if it's not, Eric will probably take down this blog! (Just kidding; he won't do that.)

For those interested in Eric's (far superior) music blog, click here to go check it out. We also have a bi-weekly podcast about new music - the Listed Podcast: A Music Magazine for Your Ears.

And if you're curious about some of my past blogging adventures, pop over to my college Blogspot or my (somewhat active/soon to be more active) Medium page.

Yours in music,


*I'm not totally sure what this is going to be yet, but I'm glad I'm doing it. Thank you for your patience and support along this journey.

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